Assess an investment and participate to the financial strategy of your company!
Essential managerial tool, Capital Budgeting is about developing the knowledge, methodology and skills to assess an investment and determine whether the opportunity add value to your current strategy.
Using real case studies and an interactive learning experience, you will learn how to:
• Control the complex problem of determining the cash flows, and choose investments by demonstrating the limits of each technique.
• Determine the required rate of return by discussing the main methods of calculating the cost of the different capital sources and the capital structure.
• Put into practice the methods used in the context of taking into account the risk of investment.
* + VAT: 20% if European resident
MODULE 1 : Financial mathematics
MODULE 2 : Investment : tools and methods
MODULE 4 : Risk and Uncertainty
MODULE 5 : Real options and investment
Who can attend this program?
• Professionals who need to improve their understanding and knowledge about finance in corporate contexts

• Finance professionals and students who seek careers in investment, expense and financial management
For what careers?
Certified participants can aspire for careers in:

• Budgeting
• Financial Analysis and Management
• Expense Management
• Decision Support
• Compensation Management
• Investment Management
How does the schedule look like ?
 This certificate is distributed entirely online. Each week is dedicated to a specific module, which is released each tuesday at 3pm UTC on your personal learning environment.

The final exam is also organized remotely, with an ID check. The first 6 weeks are dedicated to the modules highlighted in the Curriculum section. The last week is about preparing for your certification exam. Weeks 4 and 7 are planned for personal work. 
What are the assessments expected ?
Assessments are designed to evaluate your progress, in terms of technical skills and understanding of the different concepts seen during the course. 

A MCQ concludes each week to ensure you understand and manage to apply the concepts seen during the module. A final exam, with a case study, will conclude this certificate.
What are the tuition fees ?
150 euros if you're not EU resident
180 euros if you are EU resident 
What is the expected personal work?
This program requires 7 to 10 hours of work per week in to order to practice and strengthen the concepts of the course.
Will I get a diploma?
After validation of this certificate - a minimum of 60 % is required, you will receive a Certificate from emlyon business school France.
What are the conditions for admission?
There are no prerequisites to start a certificate. Those programs are open to all students. We however require students to have access to Internet and have access to a webcam for the certification exam. 
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